Thoughts on completion

With my first show, I’ve been thinking a lot about the idea of completion, and what it means to me as a painter.  As in … an incomplete painting is worthless.  A promising start is only that.  It does not hang on a wall.  It does not sell.  It just sits there, taunting me and taking up space.  An unrealized vision, standing in the way of the painter I want to become.  Putting my paintings out there is part of the process. It not only opens me up to criticism, it also sets forth the possibility of success.  So I’ve been finishing most of the new paintings I start, as well as going through the ones I have stacked in a drawer and finishing anything that has potential. Yes, there are some paintings that aren’t worth finishing or that are strictly learning experiences. But the rest are either going forward or getting painted over pronto.  No use holding onto failures. I still have enough of those weekly to keep me humble, lol.

I finished two paintings yesterday; the nude just needed a couple tweaks.  “Chanel” has been taunting me for a year.  No more.

“Chroma.” 16×12, pastel on sanded paper. Contact the artist.

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