The guy in the SUV on Belle Isle

“Path to Lighthouse,” 9×12, pastel on paper. Belle Isle, Detroit. $225. Contact the artist.

And so … something interesting always happens when I’m painting plein air on Belle Isle. Belle Isle’s perimeter is a one-way road that encircles the entire island. Yesterday, I was watching two cars back up 500 yards on the perimeter with a jaundiced eye. “Yikes!, ” I thought. “Dangerous!”  As they continued backing up, I started to feel threatened and got ready to jump out of the way. There wasn’t a lot of room between the road and the river, so that might have involved an unintentional swim.  But, no, to my horror, they were backing up FOR me! Out of the jeep jumped a young Russian painter, new to the area, who wanted to talk painting. LOL. Gave him a card to our show and told him he should come paint with us at the Scarab Club. Still think he’s a bad driver, though.

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